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Summer 2000


I attend LatCrit conferences to be educated on what I regard as the most exciting legal scholarship being produced today. Therefore, I naturally jumped at the opportunity to help organize the Fourth Annual LatCrit Conference and to chair one of its Plenary Panels. I have penned this Essay for the purpose not only of joining Critical Race Theory ("CRT") discourse, but also to create a recorded history of LatCrit travels.

In Part I of this Essay, I will describe the process that led the Planning Committee to include the Literature and Arts as Antisubordination Praxis: LatCrit Theory and Cultural Production ("Arts Panel") on the program, as well as the selection of the participants. Later, I will discuss the substantive content of the Arts Panel by describing each presentation in detail. Finally, I will give my own reactions to the presentations and will seek to place them within the planned description and the written questions submitted to the panel. I conclude by discussing my own, reluctant, difficult and ultimately accidental gravitation towards LatCrit theory generally.