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Part I of this Essay traces the role of women in Cuban society throughout history. It includes a review of the development of Cuban laws concerning women, and women's role in developing them. This Part also addresses laws pertaining to women that were adopted by the present revolutionary regime. Part II sets out laws, beyond the laws of Cuba, that address the issue of gender/sex equality. It focuses on international norms that protect sex equality pertinent to women in Cuba as well as to Cuban women outside of Cuba. It also reviews U.S. laws on equality as they affect Cuban women within U.S. borders. Part III turns to look at culture and its function in defining the reality of Cuban women on the island as well as in the U.S. The work concludes that culture trumps law: cultural assumptions about sex roles have persisted in Cuban societies whether within the island or in the Cuban community within the U.S.; further study is likely to reveal additional commonalties with respect to attitudes in matters such as family, race, and sexuality.