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In an empirical study of all decedents dying in 2013 in Alachua County, Florida whose estates were probated, either testate or intestate, the data show striking correlations between intestacy and lower wealth, and testacy and greater wealth. And the demographics of those who died intestate correspond to the demographics of those people at risk of falling into the cycle of wealth-dissipation. To explore the possible effects of intestacy and testacy on wealth and property succession, I analyzed 408 estates (293 testate and 115 intestate) across a variety of categories, including wealth, age, race, sex, and marital status. All of these lines of inquiry support the claims by many economists that wealth gaps between men and women, white and black, or married and unmarried couples are growing and should be of great concern to lawmakers. This study supports those claims and ends by calling for more focus on how to bring estate planning services to the populations most vulnerable to dying intestate.